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    Micro Batch Limited Edition Vodka 1x50cl 40% ABV

    We worked with an award-winning Scottish Distiller to create one of the world’s smoothest Vodkas, which just so happens to be an ideal partner to our rich, deep, and complex peat-smoked tomato juice.

    We've only distilled 100 bottles, so far (as a little experiment) and each bottle is numbered by hand.

    And why is our Vodka so smooth? During the distillation, an extra plate was added to the copper still to distill a highly delicate, pure vodka. Then a charcoal filter was added to remove any remaining sulphur compounds, for a deliciously smooth spirit.

    Our limited edition Micro Batch Vodka is the perfect base for a Bloody Mary cocktail or you can just enjoy it as it is.

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    Customer Reviews

    "I've drank bloody Mary's all around the world, it's my favourite drink (daytime especially). It's an absolute game changer, unbelievable taste and depth, I can't see past it."

    - Chris Boyle

    "I bought my dad (an avid tomato juice drinker) this for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. In his own words 'It packs a delicious added punch'. He drank it all before he got a chance to make a Bloody Mary."

    - Tamora B

    "One of your very first customers. Your tomato juice is the best hubby and I have ever tasted, Delicious."

    - Viv Gale

    "A fab product, adds super flavour to a Bloody Mary, plus great delivery and service. Definitely recommend."

    - Rebecca Standfield

    "My wife loves a bloody Mary on her day off and I'm always looking for new ideas so she doesn't get bored, Tongue in Peat certainly elevated the drink in to a new direction which was very much enjoyed!"

    - Lisa Noble