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    Smoked Tomato Juice Bloody Mary Mixer - 6 Bottle Bundle

    So, you're a fan of a full-bodied Bloody Mary?

    Our 6 pack of smoked tomato juice will keep you well stocked up with the ultimate Bloody Mary mixer for your next brunch with friends.

    Or you can keep it to yourself. Either way, we hope you enjoy our handcrafted, small-batch tomato juice, infused with peat smoke from the rugged Scottish island of Islay to naturally give a richer, deeper taste.

    This bundle includes 6 x 500ml bottles of Tongue in Peat smoked tomato juice

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    Customer Reviews

    "I've drank bloody Mary's all around the world, it's my favourite drink (daytime especially). It's an absolute game changer, unbelievable taste and depth, I can't see past it."

    - Chris Boyle

    "I bought my dad (an avid tomato juice drinker) this for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. In his own words 'It packs a delicious added punch'. He drank it all before he got a chance to make a Bloody Mary."

    - Tamora B

    "One of your very first customers. Your tomato juice is the best hubby and I have ever tasted, Delicious."

    - Viv Gale

    "A fab product, adds super flavour to a Bloody Mary, plus great delivery and service. Definitely recommend."

    - Rebecca Standfield

    "My wife loves a bloody Mary on her day off and I'm always looking for new ideas so she doesn't get bored, Tongue in Peat certainly elevated the drink in to a new direction which was very much enjoyed!"

    - Lisa Noble