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    Peated Michelada

    Peated Michelada

    Peated Michelada
    with Tongue in Peat Tomato Juice

    1. Rim Half your Glass with Chilli Flakes
    2. 30ml Lime
    3. 5 drops of Tabasco
    4. 5 drops Worcestershire Sauce
    5. Half a bottle of Cerveza (Modelo or Corona will work)
    6. 80ml of Tongue in Peat

    “The Michelada was born from the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s!

    Legend has it that “El General” Don Augusto Michel, weary from fighting would often visit a local cantina with his soldiers. In need of a refreshing and invigorating drink the bartender put together this spicy concoction.

    The bartender named the drink in honour of the General combining ‘michel’ and ‘chelada’, meaning “cold one”.

    Whilst we are not suggesting you need overthrow a regime to deserve one of these, they are best served in the sun after long day’s work”