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    Mezcal Maria

    Mezcal Maria

    Mezcal Maria
    with Tongue in Peat Tomato Juice

    1. 50ml Mezcal (suffice as Vida or Montelobos)

    2. 20ml Lime Juice

    3. 6 drops of Tabasco (add to taste)

    4. 8 drops Worcestershire Sauce

    5. 125ml Tongue in Peat

    6. Stir and Garnish with a Lime Wedge

    “Islay is a long way from Oaxaca, Mexico but this combination was meant to be.

    We at Tongue in Peat adore Mezcal. Tequila’s boisterous brother, comparisons can be easily drawn between Mezcals relationship with the world of Tequila and Islay’s relationship with the world of Whisky.

    They do things a little different.

    The agave used in Mezcal production is cooked underground with lava rocks and charcoal. It is this method that gives the spirit its characteristic smokiness.

    We recommend using any good Mezcal for this drink. Vida and Montelobos two of our favourites producers.”