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    Red Snapper

    Red Snapper

    Red Snapper
    with Tongue in Peat Tomato Juice


    1. 50ml Rock Rose Gin

    2. 20ml Lemon Juice

    3. 6 drops of Tabasco (add to taste)

    4. 8 drops Worcestershire Sauce

    5. 125ml Tongue in Peat 

    6. Stir & Garnish with two Skewered Green Olives

    “The Red Snapper, Mary’s Botanical Brother.


    It is believed that this juniper-led variation was born out of necessity.

    Vodka, originating from Russia, was scarcely found behind bars in the United States until the 1940s. The Prohibition of the 1920s combined with the poor US-Russian relations of the time meant that bartenders stateside had to make do with what they could get.

    Strong trade links with the UK meant the country was awash with London Dry Gin. Bartenders in New York’s newly legal bars began to use Gin as a substitute for Vodka, giving birth to the Red Snapper."