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    Bloody Joseph

    Bloody Joseph

    Bloody Joseph
    with Tongue in Peat Tomato Juice

    1. 50ml Unpeated Scotch (A blended scotch will suffice)

    2. 20ml Lemon Juice

    3. 6 drops of Tabasco (add to taste)

    4. 8 drops Worcestershire Sauce

    5. 125ml Tongue in Peat tomato juice

    6. Stir & Garnish with a Lemon Peel

    "A Bloody Joseph is a heartier, more complex version of the Bloody Mary, with a smoky flavour that comes from the peated whisky." - Andy Thorne

    It’s no surprise that our tomato juice with its heavy peat influence goes amazingly with whisky!

    Swap out your Vodka or Gin for an unpeated malt or a blended whisky to experience an utterly unique, all-Scotland creation

    This cocktail is perfect for people who love the smoky flavour of peat and whisky. The Tongue in Peat tomato juice adds a unique depth of flavour that is sure to please.